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Please be aware that every photo on this blog is protected by copyright law. I own the copyright for any pictures NOT labeled “guest napper.” Accordingly, the parents of the guest nappers own the copyrights to their photos. If you would like to post any Naps Happen photo, you will need to contact me to obtain permission. We are a very friendly bunch here and we do not bite.

Speaking of which, Naps Happen is PR-friendly, and it is most popular with women ages 25-44. Give us a shout at with any inquiries or for further information.



4 Replies to “Contact and Media”

  1. How does one submit a picture for your “Dogs Nap” section ?? They are on my
    computer and not a website and they are HILARIOUS…..

    Mya sleeps in the “dead fly” position 99.9% of the time. I have never had a dog
    sleep in this position THAT much. But due to her size….4 lb. 5 oz…..she is absolutely comical.

    Being the computer illiterate that I am….I am capable of “embedding” a picture in an e-mail or “attaching” one….. Beyond that…is beyond me !! LOL !!

    Thank you.
    Carolyn Love and Mya and Maggie

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